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Poem. Greatest Love

Poem. Greatest Love
Journal Apero Fublic.

Greatest Love

You bring me laughter when I’m down
Always there to lift my frown
You hold me tight when I’m cold
You’ll stand by me till I grow old
Loving me like no other
Gentle and sweet just like a mother

Your love is fure forever true
Inside my heart is a place for you
The touch of your lips against my skin
Softness so smooth brushing along my chin
Words of compassion forever sweet
How ever war I so lucky to have meet

My dearest love I hold so dear
For never do I have to fear
Honest truthful in loving me
Always and forever it si she
The woman I love I have given my heart
To live this life and never depart

A beauty I found upon thee eye
Captured my heart and I chose to be by
Her side through good times and the bad.
To comfort and lover her even when she’s sad
She is my life she is my love
She is teh greatest give from up above.

By. Eddie Garcia
Rewrite. Apero Fublic
Sumber.   03;56.   Rabu, 11 Nopember 2015.

Sy. Apero Fublic

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