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The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden
JAF. HUMANIORA.- Once upon a time there lived two man. they were great friends. Asan, who was older, was a farmer who grew corn in a fertile valley. khasen tended his sheep on a lonely hill. it was a hard life for both men as both their wives had died. asan had a daughter and khasen's son helped his father with their sheep.

"They opten visited each other and would sit in front of their homes talking about the good times when they were young and life was not as hard. do you remember the long summer days when we were young ? we used to go fishing. said asan one fine evening. khasen nodded. he remembered the carefree days of his youth only too well. he often wished that he was young man again.

"Don't you think that the winters are worse each year ? last year, my sheep growing only in small patches all over the hillside. I'm really worried. it looks as if there'll again be too little grass for the sheep to feed on, said khasen.

But the weather did not change for the better. instead it become colder and colder and soon whatever grass that was left on the hillside died. then snow began to fall for day. on end the countryside was covered with a thick blanket of snow and ice. khansen led his sheep to other fields but there too, the shepherds shook their heads. they told him that their sheep were also short of food. the ice lay thick on the ground and the winds were bitterly cold. khasen went to visit his friend, asan, to ask his advice.

"What, shall I do, asan ? the fields are are iced over and the sheep will die from lack of food.
"Khasen son, who had accaompained his father, was also unhappy. I don't know what to do either, uncle asan. said the boy sadly.
"The sheep will die and so will I, my friend. I think I should say good bye, to you. this will most likely be my last winter. said khasen, weeping bitterly.
"Asan was a generous man and he decide to help his friend. take half my field of corn. I have lots to spare. this way we'll both live through this terrible winter. he said.

Kansen looked at him with tears in his eyes. he was over come. he had not expected such kindness even from his best friend. all he could do was thank him again and again from that day onwards, kansen became a farmer. he worked from the early morning until late and night on his part of the land. his son helped him and with asan's advice. the corn grew tall and strong. in time, khasen become a good farmer, learning much from his friend. years passed and both men lived happily side by side.

"One day, khasen went as usual to work in his field. the sun was shining and he was happy. he dug deep into the rich black soil. suddenly, he hear a noise. his spade had it something hard. he dug even deeper and soon he found a huge earthenware pot. it did not look like the water - jars in his house. curiously, he opened the pot, inside were hundreds and hundreds of shiny, gold coins. khasen, with his mouth open. he thought he must be dreaming and pinched himself hard. but it was no dream, overjoyed he rushed home calling out to his friend. asan, come quickly. you'll never believe what I've found ! he said.

Asan ran to the field with him and together they lifted the pot out of its hiding place. its yours asan. you're a rich man now. said khasen happily.

"No it's yours, I give you this land so the gold rightfully belongs to you said asan firmly.

"Nonsense, it's your I tell you. you're the owner of this whole piece of land. you let work half of it when I ran into bad times. whatever is found on this piece of land is yours. asan argued khansen. they carried on arguing because both were good men and wanted into deal fairly with each other.

Come, khasen. let's not waste time arguing about who owns the gold. we'll give it to our children. I've notice for some time now how fond my daughter is of your son. let's arrange a grand wedding and give them this gold for a wedding present. said asan. khasen agreed that it was a wonderful idea. carefully, they replaced the pot of gold in the hole and covered it with earth.

The wedding took place some weeks later. there was feasting and dancing and their neighbours travelled long distances to visit them the next day, the newly - wed couple to see their fathers. we really cannot accept the gold. it isn't proper for children to accept what their fathers have refused. we're rich without the gold our love is richer than all the treasures in the world. said asan's daughter. again, the men began to argue.

"You must take this gold. asan and I are old man. we need little in our old age. you're still young. think what you could do with such wealth. khasen told then. but they could not agree.

"Let go to the teacher who lives in the village. teachers are usually wise. he'll be able to help us decide what to do with all the gold. said khasen.

"The teacher listened patiently. nodding his head now and again. you asan, what would you do with the gold ? he asked.

"O, wise one. I'd take it to the great khan for he's the owner of all the earth's treasures.

"The teacher frowned and turned to khasen. what about you, khasen ?
"Great teacher, I'd give it to the judge who sees that all thing are peacefully settled.

"Again the teacher frowned and turned to asan's daughter. you, my prety one, what would you do ? he asked smiling. asan's daughter told him that the gold should be buried in the earth and be forgotten.

"The teacher sighed, it was not answer he was looking for. then he turned to khansen's son. now, my son, what do you think should be done ? he said.

"Khasen's son thought long and hard. it was difficult thing to decide. sir, I would use the gold to buy much land. on this I'd grow fruit trees so that after a hard day's work. people could enjoy not only the beauty of nature in this orchard but also eat the fruit. then nobody would go hungry for long, said the boy.

"The wise man rose. embraced the boy and gave him the gold. go to the city. buy the finest seeds and then return and grow the garden you've spoken about.

"The young man travelled for many days over the grasslands of the steppes and finally came to the city. on a hill in the city was the khan's palace in the square below it, he was a strange sight - rows and rows of live birds in cages. their feet and wings were tied together. the young man felt sorry for them as he was fond of birds. he had always wanted one as a pet. the camel began to move and the caravan weaved its way through the market place.

The pitiful cries of the birds could be heard. the young man saw that they were miserable. please help us, kind sir. tonight we'll be killed as the khan is giving a grand dinner. said the birds.

how much did khan pay for these birds ? he asked the caravan leader.
" Five hundred gold pieces. said the man.

"Free them. I'll pay you double the amount. said the young man. at this, the caravan leader laughed. the young man did not look rich. he was also poorly dressed. but when he saw the gold pieces, he quickly set the birds free. happily, they flapped their wings and flew away.

"Picking up the empty bag. the young man went home. he had spent all the money freeing the birds. as he walked along, he began to think. it wasn't my money. I had not right to do what I did. I promised the wise man I would plant an orchard for the poor in my village. now there's no money left. he thought to himself as he arrived home.

He was so upset that he cried himself to sleep. then he had a dream. in his dream the birds had returned. thank you for freeing us. we cannot return the gold but we'll help you plant your orchard.

A little later he woke up and looked out of the window. it was not a dream after all. the birds were all there. with their claws they were digging little holes in the ground. in each hole they placed a seed and then covered the holes with earth.

"What are you doing ? asked the young man.
"Once you helped us. now it's our turn to help you. said the leader of the birds. before his eyes a magic garden began to appear. young green shoots filled the land and these turned into young trees which bent in the wind. then in a short time, mighty trees appeared, spreading their leafy branches over the land. the young man watched as blossoms appeared and when the flowers fell. golden apples hung from the branches. he could not believe his eyes, he pinched himself several times to see if he was dreaming.

I must tell the wise teacher. this is not dream. he ran as fast as he could to fetch the teacher. quickly he told him about his journey to the city and the about magic garden which the birds had helped him to plant. the teacher could scarcely believe his eyes. this is truly amazing. I've never seen anything like it in my life. he said. surrounding the fairy garden was a high iron fence. the gates were locked.

Soon the news of the magic garden spread throughout the land. people come from all over the country to see it but they could not enter the gates.

This garden was grown for the poor people. the rich may not enter. those who try to steal the golden apples will die. the leader of birds told the villagers who flocked to the garden.

It's our very own garden. it's only for the poor. now we shall never have to starve when hard times come by. said the villagers happily to each other. the young man became famous and everyone wanted to meet him and hear about the strange garden.

One day. the khan's soldiers came to the garden. in the name of khan, open these gates. the fruit in this orchard belong to the khan. they tore down the gates and fence and rode into the garden.
don't pick the apples. you'll die. said the young man. but the greedy soldier took not notice of him.

Hungrily they gathered the apples. then one by one. each soldier fell from his horse, dead. the people were' terrified ' the garden is under the spell of a wicked witch. don't touch the apples, they warned their children.

Rewrite. Apero Fublic
Editor. Selita. S. Pd.
Palembang, 11 April 2020.

Sy. Apero Fublic

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